/Number one Amazon affiliate Website 5. Equipboard

Number one Amazon affiliate Website 5. Equipboard

Key stats

Domain Rating: 58
Number of referring domains: 2,560
Number of keywords it ranks for: 722,000
Estimated organic traffic: 354,000
Site age: 5 years
Estimated revenue: Unknown

Equipboard is a site that showcases the gear, tools, and products used by famous musicians.

Content on the site is partially user-generated. The founders (Giulio and Michael) review products and create content targeting “best” keywords, and users contribute content about the gear their favorite artists use.

Why are they doing so well?

As an affiliate site, Equipboard targets “best” keywords in their niche. That’s to be expected.

But they also tackle the affiliate model from a unique angle.

A big part of their site is the breakdown of the gear and tools that famous musicians use.

That’s pretty smart. In the music world, people want to be more like their idols. They want to play the guitar like Slash, rap like Eminem, or sing like Ariana Grande. Not only that, they want to use the same gear as these people.

In fact, Giulio, the co-founder, says this is how Equipboard started.As musicians ourselves, we understand how musicians search for a certain sound and shop for gear. That led us to create a site around the way people explore gear, specifically by looking up to the pro musicians they admire.

Giulio Chiarenza

Giulio Chiarenza, Co-founder

This is also where Equipboard takes it to the next level.

Think about it: there are thousands of musicians from every possible genre. It would take them forever to cover every single one of them.

The solution? Enlist the help of their audience. On Equipboard, anyone can add content related to their favorite artists’ gear. Then, with the help of a few community moderators, the founders fact-check sources and ensure the suggestions are accurate.

This allows them to scale content production at a relatively low cost.

It also helps them to:

  1. Get traffic. Most of these musicians are famous, so there’s plenty of search volume for relevant terms (e.g. “jimmy page gear”.)
  2. Get affiliate link clicks. Since fans are already interested in the gear of their favorite musicians, it is likely they will click on their affiliate links.
  3. Get backlinks. Since they’re the most credible source for musicians’ tools and gear, they get tons of links from Wikipedia and other reputable sites.

How to replicate their success

Equipboard’s key to success is their unique selling point (USP): the breakdown of tools and instruments that famous musicians use.

But here’s the cool part: you can apply this same concept to other niches.

Run a golf site? There are plenty of people searching for what’s in the bags of famous golfers.

phrase match ke witb 2

Run a book review site? People want to know what books famous people recommend.

phrase match recommended books 2

The examples are endless. You just need to find them, which is where a keyword research tool like Ahrefs’ Keywords Explorer (pictured above) comes in handy.