Top 3 Best Fitness Gyms in Singapore

Fitness Gyms in Singapore

The Holiday season has arrived, and we know what this means: more food, calories, cholesterol, and everything else that might push our body to its limits. Whether you feel guilty or not because you put on weight or ate so much, it pays to know the three best fitness gyms and establishments Singapore has.

Most people will say, “but any gym can work for me,” or “I can just order fitness equipment and do my routines at home.”

Here’s the thing: proper gym training programs designed for different purposes such as lifting heavy objects (strength) and mile-long running, dancing, and other athletic physical activities (endurance) require the right equipment, an experienced and knowledgeable trainer, and dedication to push beyond your limits — which only a trainer can encourage.

Before we dive into the best fitness gyms and establishments in Singapore, let’s learn about the criteria we used to create this list.

The Criteria We Used

1. Facility Quality

Indeed, many of Singapore’s fitness establishments and gyms are already beyond 5-10 years of age. You can see some wear and tear on their equipment and facilities. Contrary to what most think, this is acceptable.

Our focus on facility quality is whether the equipment is well-maintained and functions correctly for the workouts it creates. For example, an adjustable-angle seated bench is essential so that you can target the right muscles during your strength-training workout. All treadmills should be well-oiled to function smoothly and deliver an adequate running experience.

2. Equipment Availability

While there are plenty of fitness establishments in Singapore, some of their facilities vary in sizes and availability of equipment. Some might have a massive number of treadmills, stationary bikes, and elliptical machines. On the other hand, some might have a strength-focused facility with numerous smith areas for squatting and deadlifts, and dumbbells for supplementary strength training.

In this list, we chose to include facilities that have an outstanding focus on different types of training but can cater to various programs adequately too. In this way, you can head to a branch and get guaranteed results, whether you’re training for strength or endurance.

3. Trainers and Training Programmes

Training staff plays a huge role in the transformation of many individuals and gym-goers in just a single year. While all trainers have certifications to provide training, the only guarantee they can give you results is if you consistently visit them, and they have the training program you want to go through.

As we mentioned earlier, some gyms have a massive surplus of equipment for running, lifting, or other activities. A branch might focus on a specific training program alone. In our list, you’ll get a guaranteed balanced set you can select from conveniently.

4. Highest Activity Traffic Time

“Gym traffic” refers to the number of gym-goers training at a specific point in time. It can be problematic because a high activity time can slow down your practice and affect your momentum. For example, if you’re done with your first workout, and someone is still using the dumbbells you need for your next one, it will mean waiting for so long during high traffic periods that you’ve lost your drive to push yourself harder.

Also, it can harm your training progress because of the lower intensity you’re experiencing due to traffic. In this list, we’ve made sure to include gyms that have adequate to tolerable activity traffic time so you won’t need to worry about coming late and having inadequate training activity.

Top 3 Gyms in Singapore

Gyms in Singapore

Anytime Fitness Nex


Anytime Fitness NEX is the perfect gym for anyone looking to improve their running or biking performance, dance and aerobics endurance, and strength training. Located in Serangoon Central, Anytime Fitness NEX’s facility has a high number of smith areas with four racks and an expansive selection of weights for both compound and unilateral body training.

While the facility is relatively old, the equipment, showers, locker rooms, and other gym amenities are still fully functional and deliver their purpose. According to most gym-goers, there have been only minor hiccups whichever workout and equipment they use.

Equipment Availability

At NEX, you can find a high number of dumbbells and barbell equipment to rack up. You have four smith areas where you can practice your strength, lifting squats, deadlifts, and bench presses. Also, you have access to beyond 80kg of dumbbells, which gives you higher potential to push your strength towards the edge.

If you’re leaning towards endurance training, you can have access to more than a dozen treadmills, elliptical machines, and stationary bikes. Aerobic-focused workouts are available, too, with varying instructors every single day.

Trainers and Training

At Anytime Fitness NEX, you can find more than a dozen trainers specializing in different types of strength and endurance programs. However, just like any Anytime Fitness branches, you’ll need to register and pay for packaged training sessions at varying prices.

Most programs include aerobics packages, light to athletic strength building or bodybuilding workouts, and endurance training, including boxing, running, dancing, and others.

Highest Number of People in the Gym at Different Hours

If you’re training at Anytime Fitness NEX, you won’t have any problems training during the morning. However, if you’re going to set your work scheduled after 6 PM during weekdays, you will find a higher number of gym goers that may disrupt your training momentum. Also, weekends in NEX often see a big crowd that might make it impossible to achieve your daily goals without any slowdown.

While this issue is universal in most Singapore gyms, knowing helps you anticipate these issues and prepare yourself mentally and physically to focus and achieve your fitness goals smoothly.

Fitness First Bugis

Fitness First


Many gym-goers and athletes recognize Fitness First’s dedication to improving the mundane and stagnant lifestyles they once had into productive and health-oriented lifestyle choices. In Bugis Junction, Fitness First is known for its accessibility and a high number of endurance, aerobics, and strength-building equipment.

True enough, Fitness First Bugis isn’t exactly brand new. But its facilities are well-maintained. With over 16,000 square feet and high vaulted ceilings, gym-goers won’t have to worry about a compressed workout and training spaces.

Equipment Availability

Fitness First Bugis has a wide aerobics and dance and aerial yoga training area. However, it only has a single area dedicated to strength building. Fitness First Bugis has a high number of treadmills and stationary bikes, and being a Platinum branch, focuses mostly on aerobics, dancing, and aerial yoga.

If you’re looking to train for strength instead of endurance or event-specific training such as aerial yoga and dancing, then you might find your strength-training options limited.

Trainers and Training

The Platinum Fitness First Bugis branch focuses on aerobics, dance, and aerial training in its seven training zones. According to the promotion of its official programs, its well-known Group Exercise studio features different routines, including X-Blast, HERO, Animal Flow, and other freestyle dances perfect for those planning to get better at endurance-based dancing and their general athleticism and physical fitness as a whole.

All these classes require sign-ups and have session-based packages. However, there are limited options when it comes to strength-based training programs. However, if you just want to get in shape regardless of your athletic focus, then Platinum Fitness First Bugis branch is the best.

Highest Number of People in the Gym at Different Hours

Just like Anytime Fitness NEX and Gold’s’ Gym Tanjong Pagar, right after 6 PM during a standard workweek, you’ll see a massive influx of gym-goers heading to Fitness First Bugis. Therefore, it’s better to set your training period during a time before 6 PM. If you can, always avoid weekends to avoid the same level of gym traffic.

Optimal periods include 9 AM-12 PM and 1 PM-4 PM if you’re planning a seamless training session.

Gold’s Gym Tanjong Pagar

Gold’s Gym Tanjong Pagar


Gold’s Gym TanjoingPagar is a bit smaller compared to Anytime Fitness NEX and Fitness First Bugis in terms of size. However, what it makes up for is its special appeal and remarkably patient trainers. Also, because it is small, it’s well-maintained given it’s easier for staff to check-up and provide equipment maintenance the best way possible.

Equipment Availability

However, it might be problematic for many SG fitness enthusiasts because of the limited number of stationary bikes and treadmills, strength training racks, and dumbbells available in Gold’s Gym Tanjong Pagar. It’s especially problematic during long gym traffic hours. However, the quality of workout — if you can time it before everyone comes into the venue — is exceptional as all equipment is functioning well and efficiently.

Trainers and Training

While they have a smaller number of trainers in Gold’s Gym Tanjong Pagar, these dedicated and extremely patient coaches will focus and monitor all your training data and ongoing progress. In doing so, you can achieve your goals in no time with their help.

Highest Number of People in the Gym at Different Hours

Similar to the other gyms and establishments we’ve mentioned here, Gold’s Gym Tanjong Pagar gets plenty of traffic after 6 PM when all professionals clock out and begin training themselves to be physically better. You’ll also see higher traffic during the weekends. So, if you plan to use the treadmill or stationary bikes for extensive endurance training, it’s better to reserve it or arrive earlier, especially during the weekends.

The Gym is Just One Key to Your Healthy Body

It’s great that you’ve decided to try and get yourself in shape by going to the gym. However, keep in mind that physical activities in the gym are just one aspect of being in excellent health. It’s essential to keep your diet in check as well. Whether you plan to become an exceptional strength or endurance athlete, or just aim to bodybuild for aesthetics, a balanced diet with great physical exercise is the best way to go about a healthier lifestyle starting today.

Make Sure You’re Protected From Things Beyond Your Control Too

Critical illness is something we can never prepare for. Going to the gym and adopting a healthy diet helps reduce the risk of incurring such devastating conditions. However, it can still happen. It can always disable you physically and financially.

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Remember, our lifestyle is the only thing within our control. However, we can adapt to any situation quickly with the right tools such as AXA’s Criticare at our disposal!


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