Amp Up Your Style with A Timeless Black Wedding Ring

Black Wedding Ring

Black rings are a trend in fashion, with origins that date back to ancient times. Greek artisans crafted black onyx rings, a type of quartz that was prized for its shine and texture, and Roman artisans preferred onyx for cameo-style rings used as seals.

For some people, the colour black is associated with darkness, goth, and death. Many people are shunned from wearing something black because these negative concepts are attached to the colour. Nevertheless, the latest jewellery trends have seen the emergence of black wedding rings for men. Larson Jewelers has black rings commonly designed as wedding bands, promise rings, purity rings, and equality rings.

Today, jewellers use contemporary metals and stones to meet the increasing demand for black rings, sometimes worn just for style and other times to make a statement. Here are a few reasons why black wedding rings for men are all the rage right now.

Black is a symbol of Strength and Conviction

Forget the negative connotations of black; it’s also the symbol of courage, strength, and conviction. That’s why black tungsten and titanium rings are steadily becoming popular as the men’s wedding band of choice. Black wedding rings and bands symbolize the strong bond between the couple and their endless love, and no love is more empowering than one that stands against all the odds.

Black onyx was the most common material used in ancient times to make rings and emblems. Warriors usually wore these as a symbol of power during battles and to uphold their bravery over their enemies. This is probably the origin of wearing black rings that have remained up to this day.

Black Rings Are Stronger

Black wedding rings for men are generally healthier than those made from other metal types. Black rings made of tungsten carbide, steel, carbon fibre, and titanium are among the strongest. These metals may be forged into various designs and shapes but will still retain their strength and hardness. You can bet that even if you wear black coloured rings every day, there won’t be any scratches, the colour and shine of the bracelet will not fade away, and the ring will not corrode. Such kinds of durable materials can endure wear and tear every day. On the other hand, gold is, in general, soft metal and requires regular maintenance to keep it looking its best. This is why tungsten rings are most likely to last a lifetime.

Black is Super Stylish

Black is sexy, trendy and fashionable. Men can wear black wedding rings in with any attire. They can wear it with simple jeans, a plain shirt, and sneakers, and look stylish. On the other hand, black wedding rings for men will look glamorous with any formal wear. When you scour men’s fashion magazines like GQ, you’ll find models flaunting a sleek black ring with all kinds of apparel.

Black Rings Are Exquisite

Black gold rings made of precious metals as well as expensive black stones such as black diamonds are worth a fortune. This type of ring is usually passed on as a family heirloom from one generation to the next. It is a sign of family pride and honour to wear this kind of ring, and there is nothing nobler than a man of his word.

Black Rings Are Hypoallergenic

Black rings are often made of titanium or carbon fibre, both hypoallergenic. When buying a black wedding band made from these materials, you can rest assured that they will not cause any rashes or breakouts, no matter how sensitive your skin may be. Such scratch-resistant rings have a comfortable fit for everyday wear.

Black Rings Have a Huge Selection

The result of the popularity of black wedding rings for men also means that there is a vast collection available in the market. This increasing demand will enable you to pick from a wide variety of designs and styles from any store.

If you are interested in black wedding bands, then be ready to be spoilt for choice! A few years ago, there was only one reliable option for such stylish rings for men. Now, some many more designs and styles represent black in more unique ways. To see some of the variety, take a look at some of the best black wedding rings for men you can visit your nearby jewellers.

Black Rings Cannot Be Resized

The only downside of black wedding rings for men is that they cannot be resized. Since black rings are made of stricter metals like titanium, tungsten, or steel, they cannot be re-moulded once they have been made. If you want a black wedding ring, this is something you might want to consider.

Final Thoughts

Nobody even thought about buying a black wedding ring a few years ago. It was a foreign concept. Over decades more traditional wedding ring metals such as gold or platinum dominated (and still do) the wedding ring market. It wasn’t until the last couple of years that black wedding rings for men became famous. We at Larson Jewelers have an extensive collection of black wedding rings, crafted beautifully with finesse, to suit your style.


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